HIGHLANDS, Tex. (BNc) by Andy Chavarrilla — This past weekend, I held a seminar on Rebuilding Faith with my good friend and colleague Brad Harrub. As we informed the congregation and visitors about what was going on in our society and how the church, if convicted, could be the solution, we had a tremendous response.

When we offered the invitation, 14 people responded.

However, something happened that I would have never expected. My parents walked down the aisle, too!

My mother is a fairly young Christian who was baptized in September, after years of study. She decided she was ready to not just be convinced but convicted. But that wasn’t the shocking part.

With sincerity in his eyes and a heart pricked by truth, my stepfather said he too was ready—ready to be committed and convicted, ready to be baptized in submission and obedience to Christ.

Moments later I was blessed with the privilege of baptizing Jorge Arenivar, the man I look to as my dad, into Christ.

It was an emotional event and one that I will truly never forget.