Taubate church of Christ

Some Taubaté saints in a recent meeting

TAUBATÉ, Brazil (BNc) — A small Brazilian congregation decided that funds that had accumulated over several years needed to be shared with a number of worthy efforts, rather than kept in savings.

The congregation in Taubaté, located in São Paulo state, noted it had over R$11,000 on hand. With no local project in sight for such funds, the saints decided to send at least R$1,000 (about US$430) to ten different efforts in the brotherhood. Each.

Among the efforts the church decided to support with a one-time gift are these:

  • The pioneer effort to establish the truth in the city of Belém, in the state of Pará, after a loss of personnel and funding.
  • Rolfe and Valeria Salomão’s pioneer effort in São Luís in Maranhão state. A small monthly amount is already being sent to this couple.
  • Relief efforts on behalf of the brethren in the Philippines.
  • An evangelistic trip by a brother living in Salvador, Bahia, to teach a receptive group of friends and relatives in his hometown.
  • The Lar Cristão children’s home in Cabreúva, São Paulo state (in English: BrazilKids).

“I told the church here and everyone was blown away! They want to have more of a relationship [with the Taubaté church]. They were really excited,” missionary Nick Fower in Belém said of Taubaté’s gift.

The Taubaté church is a young congregation which meets in a rented room in a private nursery school near the main bus station of the city.

The congregations in the Paraíba Valley region of the state of São Paulo have actively sought out efforts to support. Funds have been sent for aid to places such as Japan and Haiti.