by J. Randal Matheny, BNc publisher/editor

Baptism365WINONA, Miss. (BNc) — is glad to announce a partnership with Rick Kelley’s Baptism365 website.

As two sites that provide complementing news about Christians and congregations, the partnership was a natural move. Conversations between the two, initiated shortly after the launch of Baptism365, moved amicably and speedily toward an agreement.

For now, the two websites will host feeds from each other. Later, we plan an even closer integration of the two efforts.

Baptism365 is an effort to share news of baptisms on a daily basis around the globe.

Since BNc’s stated goal is to publish news about the brotherhood from around the world, the association with Baptism365 enriches our offering, while providing the latter with a wider platform for its service.

Baptism 365 is the brainchild of Kentucky preacher Rick Kelley, an Akron, Oh., native who grew up in Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, and West Virginia. He is married to his high school sweetheart, the former Samantha Emerson. They have six children.

Rick has been preaching the gospel of Christ since November 2000, and is a 2004 graduate of West Virginia School of Preaching. He has been the pulpit minister of the Prestonsburg Ky., church since July 2004.

Rick has written several Bible study courses, tracts and booklets for the church he currently serves. He is the speaker on the weekly “Know Your Bible” radio program, the longest continually-running religious broadcast in eastern Kentucky, and is also on the resource staff of the Warren Christian Apologetics Center, Vienna, W.V., a non-profit organization dedicated to the intellectual advancement of Christian theism.

Rick enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, reading, writing and playing and writing music.

BNc asked Rick about Baptism365.

Rick and Samantha KelleyBNc: What motivated you to start the website?

Rick: Two things. First, I felt the urge to use the internet for some source of good, but I feared the demand of blogging on my time. I thought there might be something I could do that was more service- and encouragement-oriented.

Second, through emailed bulletins, Facebook, etc., I heard news of baptisms all the time. This was always such an encouragement. I often had the thought, “I wonder if someone is being added to the kingdom somewhere, every day?”, just like Acts 2:47.

BNc: When did it start?

Rick: The two thoughts above were married one day in late December, 2010.

BNc: Any special challenges?

Rick: The greatest challenge is networking. We operate with two major policies: Number one: no “scouring.” We are not online all day searching for news to fill our page. Number two: we do not to accept news that is not first-hand, so far as we know. These policies protect the integrity of the site, and the trust of those who enjoy it; but they can tie our hands a bit. In other words, we have to pass on some reports. However, our trust is in the Lord, that if He is pleased, B365 will enjoy any increase in His time, and with those whose trust we have earned.

BNc: Any surprises thus far in working with the website?

Rick: I was surprised how quickly we received reports from all over the world. I believe we have received reports from every continent, except Antarctica.

BNc: What’s the main objective of Baptism365?

Rick: The main objective of B365 is two-fold: to edify the saints, and to glorify God. The significance of baptism in God’s plan of salvation is certainly underscored by the site as well.

Those interested in following the Baptism365 website have several options at the site. is a service of the Forthright/GoSpeak ministry group.