DIPHU, India (BNc) — Missionary Jim Waldron included a report from Joy Sing Enghi, a graduate of the Northeast Bible Institute (NBI), in his newsletter published today.

We came to our hometown, Diphu, where we have been doing the work of ministry. On Aug. 24-25 we were in the town of Hidipi where Adamson, another school graduate, Probin and I preached in the home of a Hindu family. The lady of the house, Promila Tero, confessed Christ and said, “I want to become Christ’s disciple because I know now that we have our eternal spirit and for that reason I want to follow Him for He is the one who can give me life after death;” so she was baptized. She is 30 years old.

Two ladies were also baptized from the “Believer’s Church” in Balipathar, Enghi wrote.

Enghi returned to NBI for 160 hours of Greek study, taught by Billy Simmons of Jefferson, Ga., and graduated as the top student.

“Our hope is that young brethren like this will be well prepared and able to defend the truth of the gospel even after we are dead,” Waldron said.

Waldron also mentioned that 16 were baptized in a gospel meeting Aug 20-31 near Dindigul, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.