CASTLETON, Vt. (BNC) — The Green Mountain congregation has rejoiced in several who have been baptized recently. On May 1st, Kayla Keyes was added to the church (photo). Earlier, on Feb. 24, Sarah Taplin-Keyes was also baptized.

Kirk and Karen Israel work full-time with the congregation. Dale and Karen Monroe are spending the summer in Vermont working with the congregation.

Earlier, on Feb. 6, Kirk baptized Joann Corey into Christ. Steve Kurant was baptized Jan. 14.

Karen Monroe recently wrote of their time there:

We have had two baptisms, a wonderful ladies’ day, a free give-away day, a blood drive, and are doing follow-up lessons with the new Christians. Dale is teaching Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes. I am teaching Monday morning ladies’ class and planning to begin an evening class for ladies who work during the day and can’t come on Monday morning. Kirk will have hip replacement surgery June 10.  Pray for him.

The Northeast U.S. is often considered a difficult area in which to work.