GARANHUNS (PE) Brazil (BNC) — Seven people were baptized at the Northeast Christian Lectureship, held Jan. 17-20 in this interior city. Two were adults, five were adolescents.

From 41 congregations 243 people came together at a rural retreat center for the 33rd annual event that rotates among cities around the northeast region. The theme was 1 Corinthians, with 1 Cor 1.9 as the main text: “Called to fellowship with Christ.”

Speakers were Allen Dutton Jr., Álvaro Pestana, Enio Latorre, Howard Norton, Randal Matheny e Randy Short.

The main speakers also taught classes, along with evangelist Antonio de Barros, of Garanhuns, on evangelism.

Classes were offered to women taught by Marli Latorre e Vicki Matheny.

At the event, the first part of a dictionary of biblical vocabulary was released by Project Reach, or GoSpeak.

The event was organized by the Garanhuns brethren, with support from the church in Maceió.

The Brazilian name for the event is Congresso Cristão do Nordeste.