MABINI, Philippines (BNC) by Jamie Suiter — Brent Missildine, preacher with the Prattville, Ala., congregation, just returned from his fifth trip to the Philippines and gave a good report on things going on with the churches of Christ in Luzon and Asian Christian University.

Each year ACU does a targeted campaign for a church plant in an area with no congregation of the Lord’s people. Several local preachers assist, but this is part of the ACU students program and course. Each campaign is started by a medical mission in which the ones helped may sign a card that has a box for the option of a Bible study.

According to Brent, this campaign started with a medical team of Filipino dentists and doctors serving those in need of care. Those interested in learning about the Bible were able to go to a picnic area close by after their medical needs were met. Although most in the Philippines know English well, Brent used a male interpreter to be sure he was understood accurately.

The medical team helped over 661 people in the Municipality of Mabini. Brent said 191 of the 661 helped signed up and had a Bible Study. This month’s church plant from the campaign was an impressive 33 new Christians.

Keep in mind many in the Philippines are in great need of dental and medical care.

Those who obeyed the gospel were able to do so at a nearby resort that had a swimming pool.

The team quickly introduced our new brothers and sisters in Christ to ACU graduate Philip Brent Palicio who will be working with the the new congregation as preacher.

Asian Christian University’s President is Junas Sagurit; Chancellor is Demar Elam of Amridge University in Montgomery AL.

ACU is a unique university in that it is overseen by the elders of the Adairsville, Ga., congregation.