ULAAN BAATAR, Mongolia (BNC) — The Mission Mongolia 2015 effort registered its first baptism Monday, 9.45 a.m., local time. A young man named Munkhtur was baptized in the bathtub of the hotel room, according to one report.

This result followed a first-time Sunday worship meeting Apr. 19. Thirty-six Mongolians and a team of 7 Americans met for worship.

“It was a blessed first meeting.  There are seekers here.  We must continue to pray for fruit and a permanent establishment of the Lord’s church,” Tom Langley, World English Institute president, said.

The effort was made possible by working with WEI, according to KTTR supporter Jamie Suiter.

mongolia-first-baptismWEI has about 5,000 Internet students in Ulaan Baatar.

Approximately 75 of the 120 who had registered with the WEI for this effort picked someone with the mission team to study with, Jamie said.

WEI students learn English by studying the Bible.

The team will preach and teach for two weeks in the capital and continue the work by Skype when they return.

There are no known congregations in Mongolia that adhere to New Testament teaching.

Tom was working with WEI in China, and from there got a lead into Mongolia.

Most of the team left Denver on April 16: Bill Stewart from Firestone, Colo., Luis Camacho from Sulphur Springs, Tex., Adam Dollen from Golden, Colo., Chance Abston from Golden, Colo., and Gary Aragon from Pueblo, Colo. They joined Michael O’Brien from Wuhon, China, and Tom Langley in Mongolia.

Bill Stuart is Development Director at Bear Valley Institute of Biblical Studies.

“They hope to plant an extension school in Mongolia after the church is planted so they can train their own people to reach out in other areas,” Jamie said.

A thousand World Video Bible School DVDs were taken to be distributed as well.

The Mongolia 2015 effort has a Facebook page that provides updates of the effort.

Update: Bill Stewart reported that four more baptisms occurred Tuesday afternoon, local time.