MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (BNC) — The Daily News Journal followed up its story of the Stones River church’s decision to use instrumental music in worship with a flattering article on the first congregation in the city, East Main.

The article touted the congregation’s “rich heritage” in the headline, with details of its formation and development, and visits by Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone, and James Garfield.

Much of the article was devoted to the construction of the East Main building in the 1800s. A photo of the historic building was included in the report.

From the headline, the article apparently is part of a series on local history.

Hence, the article did not mention East Main’s strong support of evangelism and missions outside the city. The congregation’s website mentions support of works like the television program, “In Search of the Lord’s Way,” now featuring Phil Sanders, schools of preaching, efforts in Tanzania and Latin America, as well as mission points in several states in the US.

The newspaper article noted that the congregation had been key in beginning new works in the area.

“The congregation is a special and active place of worship that has freely exemplified goodwill over 180 years,” the second paragraph stated.

While not delving into the teachings of the congregation, it mentioned influence by Alexander Campbell.

“The members based their principles on the directives of the Bible opposed to specific laws dictated within a religious body,” the unnamed reporter said.