(BNC) by an anonymous saint — Sometimes the cruelty and mistreatment that people receive in life make them doubt the love and care of our God. They wonder why he does not deliver them from their trials, and sometimes they get so distraught that they attempt self-destruction. Even when they have studied the Word, they miss the fact that it is Satan who has brought anguish and distress to the world.

Such was the situation recently when my wife and I studied with a native of South Sudan.

She had come to our area to live with an uncle who had recently become a Christian. She and her children began attending services with us, and because she worked nights she was able to have frequent daytime Bible studies.

She knew she needed to be baptized, but her troubles had made her think there was no chance for her to have a successful life as a Christian. So . . . she delayed.

This past week the murders at a community college in Oregon brought to her mind, once more, the frailty and uncertainty of life.

She made a call and told us she wanted to be baptized into Christ. Before the day was over, she was able to gather with her children, her uncle, his children, and a few others at a local congregation to be joined with Christ, his death, burial, and resurrection, and to be added to the redeemed of God.

Due to the sensitivity of her situation we are not giving her name in this article, and I am asking to remain as an anonymous author. But we ask saints to rejoice with the power of his word and the blessedness of a submissive heart.

The editor knows this brother well and knows of his work with the South Sudanese.

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