Port-au-Prince, Haiti¬†(BNC) The SonLight Children’s home in Haiti is still recovering from the murder of Roberta Edwards, 55, missionary and director of the orphanage.

Edwards was shot and killed in her car Oct. 10, and one of three children who were with her was kidnapped. The child has not been recovered. Police are still investigating.

The Estes church, Henderson, Tenn., who has oversight of the work in Port-au-Prince, has sent a team which includes a mental health professional to help the children deal with the tragedy.

Edwards is survived by her parents, Bob and Laura Edwards, PO Box 1568, Burgaw, NC, 28425. Her memorial service will be held in Henderson, Tenn. Details will be posted on the Estes congregation’s website.

Photo credit: Estes church


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  1. Sometimes we forget that this world is the devil’s kingdom and he has millions of servants. Whoever the coward or cowards are that did this, ended a life but also made possible the flight of her spirit to that city whose builder and maker is God. I look forward to one day meeting her.