Confronting predators in church leadership

A sexual abuse survivor shares her experience and perspective on the biblical approach.

God’s church faces new type of decision, says Tennessee professor

Kerry Duke says people who grew up in the church are being forced to decide. See why.

Americans spend US$9 billion on Halloween

Will Christians spend for non-essentials to the neglect of God’s mission?

Americans spend more to eat out. Does it matter?

Does it make a difference or is it a sign of something more sinister?

Religious radio network reverses decision to exclude brotherhood programs

Wilkins Radio Network welcomes gospel programs back.

Racism in the American church? Breathe into a paper bag

Let us be who we are, the ultimate anti-culture of love, peace, and joy.

Christians dismayed by Charlottesville violence, point to solutions

Saints react to the latest act of political violence in the USA.

Oregon college shooting spurs immigrant to be baptized

A South Sudanese woman decides to be baptized after the Umpqua massacre.

Trump declines to name a verse after claiming Bible as favorite book

The editor suggests a verse for Trump and invites readers to make suggestions.

The Great Moral Test of Our Time—It’s Time to Speak Up

Minnesota writer calls Christians to action.

Against coarse secular speech, saints recommend different tone

Several writers go for Christian contrast to society.

As ‘Christian’ council members, brotherhood colleges quiet on same-sex controversy

Brotherhood colleges are put in compromising position by association.

US church given score on racial diversity

Pew Research provides a rundown of US religions, including churches of Christ.

Louisiana movie shooter listed Faulkner University on LinkedIn profile

Fox News showed his profile listing Faulkner as his alma mater.

Alabama preacher: ‘Let me be angry at yesterday’s Supreme Court decision’

An Alabama brother rankles at those who chide saints for speaking out.

Texas preacher on SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling: ‘Be prepared to suffer’

Minister lays out six recommendations for Christians in light of the SCOTUS ruling requiring US states to perform homosexual marriage.

Will Christianity survive?

The future will see new choices that faith calls us to make.

‘Pray for us too:’ Few churches organize prayer for missions

Why do we not pray more for the central task of the church? A few congregations are doing something.

Video: ‘A letter to me on my first day of ministry’

The Jenkins Institute made this touching video of preachers who write to themselves on their first day of ministry.

Why should browser flap concern Christians? The end of free speech, perhaps?

The demand for tolerance in America has become the Orwellian newspeak of forced submission to liberal causes.

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