USA (BNC) — Candidate for the Republican Party nomination to the American presidency Donald Trump has claimed the Bible is his favorite book, but doesn’t want to share his favorite verse.

The mention of the Bible usually comes with his second-favorite, his own The Art of the Deal.

On BloombergTV, a host asked Mr. Trump to name “one or two of your most favorite Bible verses are and why?”

The candidate declined by claiming that it was a “very personal” matter.

In the past, candidates have appealed to the Bible in political campaigns as a means of identifying with voters, though the practice has greatly fallen off in recent times.

Mr. Trump is a casino and real-estate mogul with an estimated fortune in the billions. He claims his business experience and outsider status give him the advantage to “Make American Great Again.” He is presently leading in the polls of American candidates for the Republican nomination.

The BNC editor has suggested an Old Testament Bible verse that Mr. Trump might claim as his own (since Trump said he likes the Old and New Testaments equally), after mentioning the Trump phenomenon in  his “Corollaries” segment Wednesday on The Fellowship Room website.

What Bible verses do you think Mr. Trump might do well to adopt as his favorites?