(BNC) SPECIAL by Dan Mayfield — God’s anger in the Bible often surrounds the sin of idolatry and its grotesque manifestations. As in the days of Israel and Jerusalem when children were sacrificed to the god of Milcom, today’s children are sacrificed by the millions in the name of convenience and self.

In abortion, living children are literally being torn to pieces, and few seem to care.

“Even jackals offer the breast,
They nurse their young;
But the daughter of my people has become cruel
Like ostriches in the wilderness” Lam 4:3.

In the last few weeks a series of undercover videos have been released showing that Planned Parenthood has been selling baby parts and whole intact babies to companies like StemExpress and other research laboratories.

When StemExpress and Planned Parenthood realized they were probably caught spilling the beans in the undercover videos, they sued to have them barred from release. But a judge has ruled they are free speech. Everyone who cares should be thanking God for the court decision.

This is the great moral test of our times. Will Christians be silent? Whether we like it or not, our silence is counted against us.

Too many were silent when Nazis gassed millions.

Too many were silent during the civil rights protests.

Silence in the face of evil is counted as complicity. History will record that Christians were largely silent when the innocent were being slaughtered.

It is a moral question. How can Christian faith and morality be silent? No one can claim he didn’t know, Pro 24:12. And so the silence is intolerable. We may not be aborting our children, but we are turning a blind eye to it.

When such evil is being done, too many are silent because of fear or because “it is my political candidate that supports it”. The United States is seeing in full strength the fruit of going without God.

The meanness and lack of compassion ought to be utterly sickening to the person of faith. There is no kindness or compassion for these children. And there is little uproar or protest from Christians to save these children.

Mostly, there is just silence while the innocent children are torn apart, crushed, and sold for research.

These babies have no voice. And so churches should not be silent.

Preachers ought to preach about it.

Elders ought to demand that this evil be exposed.

Writers ought to write to inform and expose this evil.

Parents should teach their children this is the time to be vocal.

Be the voice for them. It is a test of our moral character.

Dan works as a gospel preaching with the Owatonna, Minn., congregation.



  1. Coimbatore, S. India
    August 26, 2015

    Praise our God; for this powerful message by Dan Mayfield to (we) the church for our lackadaisical attitude. Are we on the side walk outside the slaughtering pens with a Poster that says, “God hates hands that shed innocent blood?”

    Jim E. Waldron

  2. While I agree with brother Dan that we must condemn abortion and all sin for that matter, it seems that these issues kind of have a cycle. There will be a lot written about the sin of abortion and our need to do something. Then the time will pass and the urgency will no longer be there until the next time. Yet all the souls that will be lost for supporting this form of murder and all the souls that will be lost who take part in homosexuality, as well as the souls that will be lost because of adultery or fornication, combined together, will never equal the number of souls lost due to false religions. How long has it been since you heard of a religious debate in your area between the church and some false religion? My guess would be in most cases, never. If all these people are going to be lost then what are we doing about it?

    1. I’m sorry that churches of Christ are not known for speaking against abortion.
      I’m also sorry to say, while l was a candidate being considered by an eldership, for acceptance as a traveling evangelist; when l said, “The church ought to preach that abortion is a sin.” one of the four elders opposed me, saying “Whenever an issue becomes political, the church ought to stay out of it.” And l was not accepted as an evangelist by them.

  3. We must count ourselves BLESSED… if the eldership we serve, are found to be sound and faithful…!