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The Great Moral Test of Our Timeā€”It’s Time to Speak Up

Minnesota writer calls Christians to action.

Cecil the lion is dead: Selective outrage and misplaced priorities

Texas preacher reflects on reactions to Cecil the lion and Planned Parenthood undercover videos.

Christian writer stupefied: ‘How could Gosnell do what he did?’

Devotional writer takes a different tack today in light of the abortion doctor’s conviction.

40 years after Roe v Wade, ‘statistics are mind-boggling’

Special to BNc by Joe Slater: The abortion numbers are staggering. More so because God hates hands that shed innocent blood.

Minister sees abortion as main issue in US presidential race

Minister in Abilene TX says “nothing else compares to the issue of life.”

39 years of slaughter, silence and shame

An Oklahoma preacher records his efforts to encourage a congregation to work against abortion.

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