(BNC) — Fox News Channel today showed a recovered LinkedIn profile of John Russell Houser, the gunman who killed two people July 23 in a movie theater in Lafayette, La., which showed that Houser listed his education as Faulkner University.

According to a Faulkner board member, Houser was a 1998 graduate of Jones School of Law, which is a part of the university.

The LinkedIn profile was shown during the “Shepard Smith Reporting” segment, around 2:20 pm.

Jones School of Law was established in Montgomery, Ala., in 1928. Faulkner purchased the school in 1983.

There is no indication whether Houser was a member of the church. A friend of Houser’s said he attended a Baptist church in Columbus, Ga., with him and his wife.

The gunman, whose most recent address was in Phenix City, Ala., opened fire on 100 movie-goers last night in The Grand Theater in Lafayette. When police arrived promptly, he reentered the mall and killed himself, according to reports.

Faulkner University is a Christian college located in Montgomery, Ala., and is open to all regardless of religious affiliation. The law school has a high percentage of people who are not members of the body of Christ.

BNC has contacted Faulkner University for further comments.

Updates include information about Jones School of Law and Houser’s religious affiliation.