STURGIS, Ky. (BNC) by James D. Suiter — Audie Cherry grew up with a passion for the Lord’s church and agriculture. He purposefully pursued a degree in agriculture in order to use it to help other evangelists around the globe. Audie is only 23 and has not had his degree long, but he has been working hard to make this objective a reality and instill in other gospel preachers knowledge, so they will have the freedom of being self-supportive. I asked about the agenda for his recent trip to India. This was his reply.

“The purpose of this trip is to teach preachers how to be self-supporting so they aren’t dependent on American support and they can spend more time reaching the millions of lost souls in India. I’ve been teaching at Kakinada School of Preaching and teaching basic agriculture concepts and practices that will improve their production and efficiency, as well as provide a means of food production in places they would otherwise feel they would not be able to (e.g., inner city, rocky soil, small space). These classes are designed to be basic, yet in-depth and the practices cost them little to nothing since I’m teaching them to utilize materials that are typically seen as trash or waste (e.g., old brick, coconut husks, empty bottles). They are not only building something to help them, but they are also cutting down on litter and unnecessary waste by repurposing such items.”

Audie has had opportunities to teach several lessons from the Bible for the church and school as well.

A similar trip is planned in November of this year to Four Seas College in Singapore and the Philippines.

Audie started the Philippines Missions Program in 2012 with the same idea of incorporating his passion for agriculture and God and love of the Philippines as he is 1/4 Filipino.

The work of the Philippines Mission Program helps train preachers in agriculture, has a youth event every year and is involved in sharing the gospel with followup work by Filipino brethren.

The program is overseen by the Henderson, Ky., congregation. Three Filipinos involved in his outreach in the Philippines are attending Four Seas College.

Upon his return to the states he will be doing a live interview about his trip and plans for the future on “Know The Truth Radio” with Luis Camacho on the morning program.

Evangelist for Sturgis, Ky., congregation, Audie has a BS in Agriculture from Murray State University and a MS in Ag from Texas A&M. He attended Freed-Hardeman University and is currently studying with Heritage Christian University.

Audie has a Facebook page on the Philippine Missions Program. Brethren can email to ask for the program’s newsletter.