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Dedicated to God and Learning

CHENNAI, India (BNC) — The R. Sevya Nayak family are dedicated to the Lord and to learning. The four children are all first in their class at school….

View from CTTS building

Christians lose belongings in flood

CHENNAI, India (BNC) —  Many area Christians have lost all their belongings, but thankfully no deaths have been reported among brethren.  Roy Davison Roy Davison devotes himself to the gospel in…


CTTS building surrounded by flood water

Christian training school planned ahead, suffers inconvenience.


Young evangelist teaches Indians, Filipinos agricultural self-support

23-year-old graduate in agriculture teaches nationals to be self-supporting.

Man tries to kill Christian wife, converts through church’s love

A man is converted after seeing the church’s love toward his Christian wife, whom he tried to kill because of her faith.

2013 reflections: It’s impossible to ‘play responsibly’

The billboard begged a question about gambling. This saint calls out the implication.

Missionary sees powerful spiritual lesson in sick little chick

In India Jim Waldron saves a chick from certain death and does the math of missions.

Missionary Kyle Allen dies on return to India

Cause of death is not certain, but he became ill on flight back to his work.

India evangelism team beaten by Hindu radicals

Evangelism team rejoices at suffering for Christ.

Hindu convert: ‘I know we have our eternal spirit’

Jim Waldron reports of several baptisms in India, especially several through the work of an Indian evangelist of Mongolian descent.

Boots on the ground

Jim Waldron surveys his work and the principles of needing people in place on the field, of training workers to carry on, and of establishing strong local churches.

11/11/11: Bible institute fasts and prays for 24 hours

In India, the Northeast Bible Institute students and staff will fast and pray.

Church established through biblical debate in northeast India

A new congregation was established through a debate with a denominational preacher in the northeastern Indian state of West Bengel.

India graduates awarded certificates

Jim Waldron awards certificates to Indian students who completed two-year night schools in the villages.

The Lord’s church in Karur, South India

by Beth Johnson KARUR, India, (BNc) — Brother S. Masilamani, a former Chennai Teacher Training School graduate, has a long history of dedicated work for the Lord, going…

The evangelism of Triuppur city

by A. Selvakumar and K.M. Suresh TRIUPPUR, India (BNc) — We are so thankful to our Lord for the privilege we had to study the word in Chennai,…

Indian Christians harrassed and threatened

Preacher Tim Arnold shares news of his trip to India. This story was written just days ago while still in the country. He tells of hardships and opposition, but great dedication of the Indian Christians and evangelists.

William Woodson injured in India

by Barbara A. Oliver, managing editor ANDHRA PRADESH, India (BNc) — William Woodson, while on a mission trip to India, collapsed Monday due to dehydration and hit his…

10,000 New Testaments printed for evangelism

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) — Missionary Jim Waldron has printed 10,000 New Testaments for free distribution as an evangelistic tool. Ten thousand copies of the New Testament in the…

Foundation laid in Ramnad

RAMNAD, India (BNc) — In February of 2009 the foundation was laid for a meeting place in Ramnad within easy walking distance from the railway and bus stations….