2013 reflections: It’s impossible to ‘play responsibly’

Beth-johnsonCHENNAI, India (BNc) by Beth Johnson — A recent billboard ad intended to promote the local lottery in our home state of South Carolina asks the question, “What does ‘playing responsibly’ mean to you?”

How would you answer such a question if it were put to you directly?  Can there be such a thing as “playing responsibly?” Continue reading

Missionary Kyle Allen dies on return to India

Missionary Kyle Allen

Missionary Kyle Allen

NEW DELHI, India (BNc) — Kyle Spencer Allen, 35, died Sunday, Feb. 17, on his return to his India where he had worked for nearly seven years.

Kyle became ill on a flight back to India and over the next day or two afterwards, his health worsened.

According to Larry Benderman, elder with the Stiversville congregation near Culleoka, Tenn., speculation is that he had a diabetic problem and his sugar level rose so high that he went into a coma. As a result, his organs shut down and a heart attack caused his death. Continue reading

India evangelism team beaten by Hindu radicals

Evangelists beaten

Prabhu views baptisms at pond

GRESHAM, Ore. (BNc) — Prabhu Kumar, Director of World English Institute in India, and his evangelism team were beaten severely for preaching the gospel earlier this summer, Dick Ady, WEI founder, wrote in a report released today.

The WEI quarterly report was sent Oct. 27 by email and posted on the website.

Prabhu Kumar, WEI’s India director, has risked his life to establish dozens of WEI branches throughout India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, Ady said. This summer, he and the brother Ajith, a WEI teacher, and members of Ajith’s family were beaten almost to death by Hindu radicals.

Prabhu gave this subject to his e-mail: “God has saved WEI team from death on worship day at Sariya, Chattisgargh.” Continue reading

Hindu convert: ‘I know we have our eternal spirit’

DIPHU, India (BNc) — Missionary Jim Waldron included a report from Joy Sing Enghi, a graduate of the Northeast Bible Institute (NBI), in his newsletter published today.

We came to our hometown, Diphu, where we have been doing the work of ministry. On Aug. 24-25 we were in the town of Hidipi where Adamson, another school graduate, Probin and I preached in the home of a Hindu family. The lady of the house, Promila Tero, confessed Christ and said, “I want to become Christ’s disciple because I know now that we have our eternal spirit and for that reason I want to follow Him for He is the one who can give me life after death;” so she was baptized. She is 30 years old. Continue reading

Boots on the ground

India church of Christby Jim E. Waldron

Laura and I took our brood to Pakistan in September 1967. I say brood, because we had two foster children at the time besides the three boys. We also brought a little girl home with us, Ruth. She was 19 months when we got her and on Dec. 1st this year she turned 44. Laura turned 72 last July, and I turned 76 in November.

The work in India began in Feb., 1986. As I have written often, the work is obeying Two Timothy Two Two, that is, training preachers to proclaim the unsearchable riches of Christ, which means to preach the whole counsel of God; but the bottom line is to plant strong local churches of Christ that will perpetuate the spread of the gospel even after we are dead. Continue reading

11/11/11: Bible institute fasts and prays for 24 hours

by Jim Waldron

GUWAHATI, India (BNc) — The above date, though it simply designates a day on the calendar, is unique in that there will not be another like it for a hundred years. Not only so, but it is taking place just ten days after the United Nations announced on Oct. 31 that the world population had reached 7,000,000,000 (seven billion) in just twelve years’ time.

Here in India at the Northeast Bible Institute the students and staff will fast and pray for twenty-four hours from breakfast on the morning of the 11th until breakfast on the 12th for the billions that have not heard. Continue reading

Church established through biblical debate in northeast India

church growthBAGDOGRA, India (BNc) – A new congregation was established through a debate with a denominational preacher in the northeastern Indian state of West Bengel.

Missionary Jim Waldron reported today that two young men, Joseph Khati and Markus Kisku, were sent Aug., 2009, to Bagdogra as evangelists. They have since established four congregations.

The report below from Joseph, dated July 8, tells how the fourth one was begun earlier this month. Continue reading

India graduates awarded certificates

by Jim Waldron

Church of Christ studentsINDIA (BNc) – India has 1.2 billion people with many massive cities, but the greatest numbers of people live in villages. Thus, after many years of having students come to central locations to learn the word, two years ago Don Iverson and I began using brothers who had graduated from the three-year regular schools to teach in night schools in the villages. Continue reading

The Lord’s church in Karur, South India

by Beth Johnson

KARUR, India, (BNc) — Brother S. Masilamani, a former Chennai Teacher Training School graduate, has a long history of dedicated work for the Lord, going many places to preach in spite of his heart problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

They have a new, although very small, meeting place that he and the brethren there have constructed since last year.  The city planners took away their last building to construct a new road. This is as near as he could get to the former location without paying a huge price for property.  Part of his original congregation had to meet on the opposite side of Karur.  His son George works with this second group. Continue reading

The evangelism of Triuppur city

by A. Selvakumar and K.M. Suresh

TRIUPPUR, India (BNc) – We are so thankful to our Lord for the privilege we had to study the word in Chennai, India, where we were taught the pure word and were guided in the way of the Lord.

Earlier we were meeting in seven places namely, 1. Kuppandampalayam at 9 a.m., 2. Palavanchipalayam at 1.30 p.m., 3. VGV Nagar at 2:00 p.m., 4. Avanishi at 11 a.m., 5. Semadu at 4 p.m., 6. Raikapalayam at 6 p.m. and Muthanampalayam at 8 p.m. We start from home on Sunday morning at 7 a.m. and return home by 11 p.m. Continue reading

Indian Christians harrassed and threatened

by Timothy Arnold

Timothy Arnold with Indian ChristiansSINGAMPALLY, India (BNc) – I came to India a month ago to work with the Fred O’Neal School and Children Home in Rajahmundry, Andrha Pradesh. It has been a wonderful experience and I think my co-worker, Harry Anderson, would agree that it has been a fruitful mission.

I have seen the faith of people who have no social advantage to being Christian go against their culture, government, communities, and families to obey God’s Word. I have witnessed the baptism of a lady from a strong Hindu family and community say that, “If my soul leaves my body I will still be a Christian,” which means not denying the Savior even unto death. I have met men who are preaching the gospel in and out of season in villages where they and their families are threatened and harassed, but they continue to preach with very little resources and still produce fruit for God’s kingdom.

Of these villages Singampally stands out in my mind because of the faith of brother B. Koteswara Rao. Singampally is a medium-sized village just outside of Rajamundry with dirt streets and three huge Hindu temples. Continue reading