by Beth Johnson

KARUR, India, (BNc) — Brother S. Masilamani, a former Chennai Teacher Training School graduate, has a long history of dedicated work for the Lord, going many places to preach in spite of his heart problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

They have a new, although very small, meeting place that he and the brethren there have constructed since last year.  The city planners took away their last building to construct a new road. This is as near as he could get to the former location without paying a huge price for property.  Part of his original congregation had to meet on the opposite side of Karur.  His son George works with this second group.

In spite of his health issues, Brother S. Masilamani has been very busy preaching and holding meetings, baptizing six people in February and March of this year. Masilamani needs the earnest, fervent prayers of the brethren for better health and for the ability to continue to do the Lord’s work in Karur and the surrounding villages.

Brother Masilamani is doing better now that he has had a new medical evaluation and been taken off some drugs that were actually hurting him rather than helping.