One of Jim Waldron's 51 chicks

One of Jim Waldron’s 51 chicks

MIRZA, India (BNc) by Jim E. Waldron — We purchased another batch of chicks for the Northeast Bible Institute Nov. 19.  There were 51 of them, two days old and expected to grow off in six weeks.

Why 51? The supplier added an extra chick for good measure. When they were placed in the pen 50 of them were as spry and full of life as baby chicks can be: eating, sipping water and chirping to one another as one happy family. But one was not.

It was obvious he was sick for he lay flat on the floor, not eating, nor drinking water, and every few seconds lifting his tiny head and making a gagging reflex. It appeared that within 24 hours or less he would be dead, yet with a shadow of hope I picked him up and brought him into the house to see if there might be some way to rejuvenate him, all the while thinking that to do so would be difficult, for he was so tiny and delicate.

I had no eye dropper, so with a small spoon I forced his mouth open and gave him water. It was not easy, for he kept up the gagging sensation, but I did get a few droplets down him. Yet I knew he needed nutrition, so I tried milk and got a small amount of that into his little belly. Then I put him into a bucket for the night.

He began to chirp vigorously. I thought he must be cold, so I tucked him in with a soft cloth. This stopped his chirping for about 15 seconds, and then more of it, louder and with rapid fire. I picked him up and wrapped my fingers around the little critter in a cuddling manner and he began to pip contentedly. Having gotten a little something into his stomach, I thought, “This little young’un is lonely, and he is crying out, ‘I don’t want to die alone.'”  So I put him back with the others; if he lived or died he would be with his own.

On Wednesday morning, the 20th, I was up early to check on him, but I could not find him—he was gone! No! No! He was not gone, but I could not recognize him for he looked just like the other 50 little “bitties.” The one you see is a random picture of one of the 51.

Where is the lesson? In India there are 1.25 billion souls; 45 percent of them are under 15, which means 560,000,000 young people are without Christ, not to mention their parents or the rest of mankind.

Not only are they without Him, they know little or nothing of Him and “How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?”

[pullquote]Must they die without Him; will no one snatch them from the cold cruel hands of Satan?[/pullquote]Who will come to tell them of Jesus, of forgiveness in Him, of the hope of the resurrection through Him, and of His kingdom founded on Pentecost? Must they die without Him; will no one have compassion on them and seek to snatch them from the cold cruel hands of Satan?

Our Lord and Master said Himself, “The harvest is truly plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest” Mt 9:37-38.

Is life so dear, and peace so sweet, in America that one must cling to it to the detriment of souls who have never heard?