ASSAM, India (BNC) — Jim Waldron shared this report Oct. 24 from Joysingh, principal of the Karbi Bible Institute, Assam, NE India and a bold gospel preacher. His style has been preserved below.

Chondro Engti is a farmer and a 2015 graduate of the Karbi Bible Institute. Last year he began to visit his mother-in law who was a member of the Baptist Church. He visited her and her husband often and every time he would preach to them about the original Church. The initial period covered about three weeks and she was very interested, but her husband was not willing to come into the church of Christ.

So she had decided that even if he was not willing, she was, and wanted to be baptized, but while Chondro was preaching she got a very bad headache, so she decided to take rest for a while, but from that time she was very serious and unconscious and had to be admitted to the civil hospital. While there she was speaking as though she were out of her head, sometimes she would understand what was being talked about and sometimes she didn’t.

So while this was going on the Baptist pastor and a deacon came to pray for her, but she did not want them to pray for her. She said, “Do not allow the pastor and deacon or any other church leaders from the Baptists pray for me, I know now what is the truth, so I will stay with my own desire. Call my brother Joysingh and let him pray for my health.”

So I went to have a prayer for her in the hospital and she is a little bit alright and she was baptized yesterday. Afterwards, she said to her husband, “If you do not want to come into church of Christ no problem, but do not force me to be in the Baptist church.”

The husband said, “I know the church of Christ and they are very good, but the thing is that why I do not want to come into the church of Christ is that they are very strict, like they do not allow anyone chew beetle nut, chew tobacco, or smoke cigarettes and many other things; and for me I cannot leave those things.”

That’s what he confessed and his wife said to him, “Are those things so important to you or the eternal life?”

“I will decide it later, because if I go to the church of Christ they will not allow me (to be) what I am now,” he said.

He may leave all those things one day, so please pray for her and all the baptized people, so that they may be faithful in the kingdom of God.