Kristy Woodall

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (BNC) by Kristy Woodall — A policeman was posted outside his door. This angry young man in the emergency room would soon be having surgery for two gunshot wounds. Due to circumstances, his family was not allowed to be with him.

He was frustrated and wanted to be heard. I listened and sympathized and could see the anger for what it was—fear. He was alone before surgery and afraid. I asked if prayer would offend him. The chip on his shoulder fell off as he thanked me.

Hours later, after surgery, I was called once again to draw his blood. As I entered, he smiled. Before I left, he thanked me through tears and told me that God answered my prayer.

My heart swelled for this young man whose life seems to be on a fast track to destruction. His own choices probably put him in the hospital.

Simple sincere compassion and a redirect to Christ could possibly, just maybe, point him in the right direction. I was given the opportunity to make a small difference in his life today.

THIS is why I love my job.

Kristy currently lives in Albuquerque, NM where her husband preaches with the Northeast church of Christ.