(BNC) — Robin White shared a story about missionary Joe Cannon in Papua New Guinea. It came from Rick Niland who worked with Joe.


The most notable recollection I have of Joe was his little prayer book. It looked something like a check record book. In it he wrote down a topic to pray for and later a date on which it was answered.

Several years after he started doing this, he told me that he had passed the 1000 mark.

“One thousand what?” I asked.

“One thousand documented prayers answered,” was his reply.

He didn’t just pray for easy things, I might add. One very important one, during the Cold War, was that doors would be opened to take the gospel into the USSR!”

We have a Father who listens. Pray and let the answers come.

Randal and his wife Vicki have lived and worked in Brazil since Nov. 1984. They have three children, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. He enjoys his new home office. http://randal.us


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