BakerHeightsABILENE, Tex. (BNc) — After weeks of promoting the event, Christian men from the Baker Heights congregation drove out to a lake in Breckenridge to pray for rain last Saturday.

Preacher Wes McAdams shared the results of that moment of prayer together in the church bulletin, published today on the Internet.

The men’s group “sat around in lawn chairs, near a very low lake, last Saturday morning,” Wes wrote. “People driving by on the highway may have wondered, ‘What are those guys doing down there?’ We weren’t fishing or boating, and although we had some delicious food, eating wasn’t the real reason we were there. We drove to Breckenridge early that Saturday morning to pray for some much needed rain.”

“It was extremely encouraging to sit with brethren and discuss prayer, providence, and the power of God. But the most encouraging part of our trip to Hubbard Creek Reservoir was the fact that it was sprinkling rain the entire time!” he said.

“Since then, the Lord has sent several more inches of rain to our dry and thirsty land. To God be the glory!” he wrote.

Wes ended his article with a spiritual application.

“Sometimes our lives, like our land, can experience periods of drought. There is a devotional song that expresses this idea well, with the words, ‘My eyes are dry. My faith is old. My heart is hard. My prayers are cold.’ Have you ever felt this way? Are you currently in the midst of a spiritual drought?”