Guy N. Woods

Guy N. Woods

(BNc) by David Lemmons — One of my all-time favorite voices of preachers has to be that of the late Guy N. Woods. I consider this lesson taught in a Bible class somewhere (unknown to me) to be a remarkable presentation.

Guy N. Woods was a great student of the Bible. In this lesson: “How to Study the New Testament Effectively,” brother Woods has some wonderful suggestions for us to consider.

The beginning of 2013 is an excellent time for any person to consider his own Bible study efforts. Listening to this file should provide some wise insights from someone who practiced what he preached.

My source is Redland church of Valdosta, Ga. Length is 35m18s.

Some thoughts to note as you listen:

  1. We teach ONLY when somebody learns; we learn ONLY when somebody teaches. One of those exists only when the other does.
  2. The acid test of knowing a thing is the ability to tell it.
  3. Some startling and discouraging statistics about learning.
  4. A 10-year, 15-minutes-per-day plan for learning the New Testament.
  5. Where do you sisters cook your best pies? In your own kitchen or in someone else’s? THE POINT: You need a dedicated place to study.
  6. You need Time.
  7. You need a Place.
  8. You need Tools.
  9. Listen for his own method of preparing for teaching a Ladies’ Bible Class.
  10. A bit of humor: You can’t go to heaven without a concordance.