Churches evangelize at Tennessee festival

SMITHVILLE, Tenn (BNc) -- Christians in the Smithville, Tennessee area set up booths at the Smithville Fiddler’s Jamboree Craft Festival, July 4-5, in downtown Smithville for the second year in a row. Workers from the Keltonburg, the Smithville, and the Northside congregations in Smithville quadrupled the accomplishments of last year’s efforts at the festival. When the … Continue reading Churches evangelize at Tennessee festival

New website for church

by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent GENEVA, Ala BNc -- A new website, has been created by Sonnie Parker (William Roger Parker, Jr.) of Luverne, AL.  Parker is a member of the Sasser congregation where Jeff Grimes is the preacher. Main highlights of the site are: Forums for individual members: For posting comments and questions … Continue reading New website for church

Rat attends ladies’ study

LONGIDO, Tanzania (BNc) -- On Aug. 1 Jane Desdery, Joy Jensen, Agnes Kamarage, Neema Martin and Stephanie Stafford traveled from Arusha to the Maasai bush country to conduct a day of Bible studies for the ladies of a new congregation in the Longido region. When Stephanie, the first speaker, had been teaching for only a … Continue reading Rat attends ladies’ study

‘Acts For Today’ Web Site

BELGIUM, Alken (BNc) -- A web site on the Book of Acts has been launched to teach the gospel of Christ. ‘Acts For Today’ has the World English Bible translation of Acts with an oral reading of each chapter. There are links to Mark Copeland’s ‘Conversions In The Book Of Acts’ and to J.W. McGarvey’s … Continue reading ‘Acts For Today’ Web Site

120 Attend Dutch-Language Fellowship

THE HAGUE, Holland (BNc) -- On June 1 about 120 Dutch-speaking Christians from nine congregations in Holland and Flanders (Belgium) met at The Hague for their yearly spring fellowship meeting. This year the congregation in Maastricht was responsible for the program, which was on the theme ‘One in the Spirit’. In the introductory address Ruud … Continue reading 120 Attend Dutch-Language Fellowship

Three Corners helps men beat addictions

by Richard Mansel HAZELHURST, Ga. (BNc) -- Sammie Carson's battle with substance abuse nearly destroyed him. "I had lost hope. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why I could not break out of the bondage of the drugs and alcohol," he said. His wife's strength and persistence in prayer led him to … Continue reading Three Corners helps men beat addictions

A word of encouragement

HANCOCK, Michigan (BNc) -- ‘A word of encouragement’ is a brief e-mail message sent out five days a week by Dan Skaggs. A passage of Scripture is quoted and applied to every-day living. One subscriber comments: “Many days it is exactly what I need!” Dan started sending out the messages in 1990 to encourage college … Continue reading A word of encouragement

Foundation laid in Ramnad

RAMNAD, India (BNc) -- In February of 2009 the foundation was laid for a meeting place in Ramnad within easy walking distance from the railway and bus stations. This area of Tamil Nadu was part of the thousand kilometers of coastlands struck by a devastating tsunami on Sunday, Dec. 26, 2004. After graduating from the … Continue reading Foundation laid in Ramnad

Perry B. Cotham in 80th year of preaching

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (BNc) -- On Monday, Jan. 5, 2009 Perry Boyd Cotham celebrated his 97th birthday by going out and eating Chinese food with some close friends. He started preaching the gospel in 1929 at the age of 17, and plans to continue teaching and preaching this year, Lord willing. He has preached in … Continue reading Perry B. Cotham in 80th year of preaching

Baptism in Zagreb

ZAGREB, Croatia (BNc) -- Damir was baptized into Christ on Thursday, Jan. 22. His three teenage children found the church several years ago and were enthusiastic. Their parents, Damir and Adrijana, became regular participants in church retreats and camps. From time to time they would attend worship services on Sunday. Their interest grew to the … Continue reading Baptism in Zagreb

Seven-Year-Old Recites Psalm 119

CHENNAI, India (BNc) -- Samuel, who is 7 years old, can recite Psalm 119 in its entirety, all 176 verses. Beth Johnson had given her class a memory-work assignment of learning Psalm 119 during the 2008-09 school year. The intention was that they would learn it in sections and recite each section separately. Can you … Continue reading Seven-Year-Old Recites Psalm 119

Missionary vehicle hit by bus in Tanzania

ARUSHA, Tanzania (BNc) -- The vehicle of missionaries George and Joy Jensens was demolished by a bus on Jan. 23. Around 4 p.m., after a day of teaching at the Andrew Connelly School of Preaching, as George Jensen, his son Jacob, and Todd Gee were nearing the house of fellow missionary, Jimmy Gee, a large … Continue reading Missionary vehicle hit by bus in Tanzania

Survey Trip to Cameroon and Chad

MAROUA, Cameroon (BNc) -- Olivier Cuendet, evangelist with the church in Zurich, Switzerland and Doyle Kee from Geneva made a survey trip to Chad and Northern Cameroon Jan. 6-14. The Zurich church sent Olivier to gain first-hand information about the work they support in Maroua. Olivier and Doyle went via N'Djamena (pop. 720,000), the capital … Continue reading Survey Trip to Cameroon and Chad

“This kind of love must be from God”

MUTARE, Zinbabwe (BNc) -- There is much hunger in Zimbabwe because of drought and economic melt-down. Drought relief was taken by Loy and Debra Mitchell and Scott Mitchell from Dec. 1-17. Christians showed great gratitude for the help. At D.C. Matasa, after funds were provided to buy food for the small congregation, an elderly lady … Continue reading “This kind of love must be from God”

1220 Attend 50th Anniversary of Zimbabwe School

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (BNc) -- On Dec. 5 the Mutare School of Preaching celebrated its 50th anniversary. The ceremony was held in a large tent to accommodate the 1220 people who attended. Brethren from the area and other countries attended, as well as many local people who came to show their appreciation. Through the years the … Continue reading 1220 Attend 50th Anniversary of Zimbabwe School