REYKJAVIK, Iceland (BNc) — Jimmie & Linda Hill and William & Katrece Howard traveled to Iceland from April 14 – 29 to encourage and edify the small congregation that meets in Reykjavik.

hills-howardsLessons were taught each day. William and Jimmie taught on topics such as the authority of Christ, the facts of the gospel, evangelism, and the New Testament pattern of the work and worship of the local congregation.

Katrece taught the sisters on the role of women in the home and the church, God’s ideal woman, and the Christian family.

Question and answer sessions were also held.

The two couples were sent by the congregation in Duluth, George, which oversees ‘Truth for the World’ radio and TV programs, broadcast in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Programs are also available on CDs and DVDs.

Follow-up is done through literature, Bible correspondence courses and campaigns.

In addition to evangelistic trips, Jimmie B. Hill takes care of literature and correspondence courses, and William Howard is responsible for printing. Linda Hill serves as secretary.