NORTHAMPTON, UK (BNC) — The body of Christ in this English city is “a great congregation that consists of Christians from 21 different countries,” elder Richard Sharpe reported in the Aug., 2015, issue of Christian Worker.

Sunday morning attendance averages above 100.

“We realise how blessed we are and don’t take this for granted. The congregation has grown in recent months both numerically and spiritually,” Richard said.

Mark Hill will begin working full-time with the congregation in September.

The congregation’s website reflects its evangelistic interest. One page is unique to such sites: “Start a Church of Christ,” reflecting the lack of New Testament churches in the country (and much of the world.)

Northampton is a city of 212,000 in the East Midlands, 67 miles northwest of London.

Christian Worker is a monthly news magazine focusing on the United Kingdom, edited by Trevor Williams and Jon Galloway.

“This [international representation] is getting to be common in the UK now with a large influx of African immigrants,” Jon wrote to BNC.