A group of people known as Sojourners has spent the last two weeks at Wiregrass Christian Youth Camp in Chancellor, AL, repairing, rebuilding, and painting as needed. They built 16 bunks and stained them in two different cabins as well as doing other things. The Sojourners first came to Camp Wiregrass in 1998 to rebuild a cabin that was destroyed in a storm.

This year 11 people came from several different states to the camp for the mission outreach of the church of Christ.

When asked what is the greatest joy of being a Sojourner, Oscar and Belinda Headly, team leaders from Arkansas, said, “Working with fellow Christians in a Christian atmosphere to further God’s Kingdom. We have a devotional every morning and go to different churches in the area to worship, fellowship together at meals, have entertainment, play cards and other games, or just sit around visiting.”

To be a Sojourner, one must be a faithful member of the church of Christ, own a motor home or camper, and have three recommendations from elders and/or church leaders.

Sojourners must be retired or willing to spend a week’s vacation working free helping churches, camps, colleges, and other places. Very few Christians who are Sojourners are not retired. Age doesn’t matter, but everyone has to be able to support themselves. They accept no donations, but rather leave a donation to help cover expenses while they have worked in a place. Sojourners help congregations of less than 150 who ask for help, along with children’s homes, Bible camps, and Christian colleges. They help with Vacation Bible Schools, knock doors, seminars and hearing clinics. One group will come in and teach members how to evangelize the area. For more information or to apply to become a Sojourner visit website www.sojourning.org.

Couples participating in the Sojourners since it started in the 1970s numbers 410.