LONGIDO, Tanzania (BNc) — On Aug. 1 Jane Desdery, Joy Jensen, Agnes Kamarage, Neema Martin and Stephanie Stafford traveled from Arusha to the Maasai bush country to conduct a day of Bible studies for the ladies of a new congregation in the Longido region.

ladiesdayWhen Stephanie, the first speaker, had been teaching for only a few minutes, a rat made its appearance and started running around under the feet of the ladies. After going back and forth several times along one wall, he finally crossed the room, went up the wall and climbed out a window.

The attendees knew little about the Bible but were eager to learn. Only one knew who Eve was, only a few had a Bible and could read. Neema translated into Swahili and a ten-year-old girl translated from Swahili into Maasai.

neematranslatorstephanieThe first picture shows the ladies in attendance. The second picture shows Neema, the Maasai translator and Stephanie.

Longido is about 80 kilometers north of Arusha on the road to Nairobi at the foot of Longido mountain. The Maasai people pasture livestock on the mountain and surrounding plains. Their families live in small mud houses called ‘bomas’. Early in the morning the women leave the boma to fetch water and collect firewood. Children start helping to care for kids and lambs at an early age. There is an abundance of colorful birds in the area. Animals include giraffes, zebras, gazelles, buffalo and jackals.