George Jensens leave Africa after 5-year stint

George Jensen AfricaIRINGA, Tanzania (BNc) — George and Joy Jenson and their children will return to the U.S. after five years in Tanzania. George wrote today about their time in the work there.

Our personal journey as residents in this land of yesteryear is nearly to its end.  This chapter in our missionary journey is closing.  Tears are restrained with effort as I write this piece.  I have repeatedly said that no one can visit Africa and not be touched.  But words cannot convey how intensified the effects are from livingin Africa.  About six years ago, veteran missionary Ed Crookshank told me “Africa gets in your blood.” Well, medications have been able to rid my blood of malaria parasites, but Africa remains there. Continue reading

TRENDS: Africa worker examines ‘numbers test’

by George Jensen, Tanzania, East Africa

Missionary George JensenWhen elderships, congregations, and individuals ask about mission efforts it is a good sign. We each reveal our interests by the inquiries we make. For example, who has not heard a question about the most recent standing of a sports team? Sports fans are usually easy to detect. So also Christians ought to be known by their enthusiasm concerning work about the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

In a previous article we addressed one primary consideration when assessing the worthiness of a mission worker or work. Namely, it must be biblical throughout! Not only must the missionary teach the truth, but also the way the work is carried out must conform to New Testament authority.

We now turn our attention to an “evaluation tool” which is sorely misunderstood and frequently abused. This tool or test may be termed the “numbers test.” Continue reading

Thoughts on Work from a Worker

by Neal Pollard

David BayiI met David Bayi on my first trip to Tanzania in 2003. He is, on the surface, a reserved man, but he has a winning smile and jovial personality to go along with a tenacity in teaching the gospel few can match.

His former profession was competitive road racing, in which he did quite well. The discipline and determination that characterized his life and work before becoming a Christian describes his labors as a gospel preacher now. Continue reading