chimala-fridayCHIMALA, Tanzania (BNc) — While much of America is rushing to catch the discounts and spend money, one missionary stands against the tide and makes an appeal for support.

Black Friday is so called because on the day after Thanksgiving, businesses often put their finances in the black in a single day.

Chad Wagner hopes to put his missions support in the black as well.

Chad is administrator of Chimala Mission in Tanzania. He and his family lack funds for their efforts.

“What if instead of spending all of that money on Black Friday, why don’t you think of sending a gift of support toward our family’s mission work in Chimala, Tanzania?” he wrote today.

After several years on the field, they still need of funds for personal support, work funds (phones, internet, electricity), and mobile clinic work funds (medical supplies, equipment).

Chad and Rena Wagner
Chad and Rena Wagner

Chad and Rena have five children; Anna, Laura, Micah, Chandra, and Jonah. Chad worked with the Gainesville congregation in Paragould, Ark., for over 8 years. He has made short-term mission trips to England, Estonia, Finland, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Rena is a Registered Nurse and helps in the hospital, as well as with their families needs. She homeschools their five children.

Chad received his Masters of Divinity from Harding University. He also teaches in the Chimala Bible Institute, works with church planting as well as work with the congregations surrounding Chimala Mission.

According to the mission website, the purpose of Chimala Mission Hospital and Schools is to further train and educate the leaders of the church in Tanzania, and the surrounding nations, and to equip the young leaders of the church with the knowledge needed to stand firm upon the scriptures, against false doctrine, and able to take the gospel to a lost and dying world.



  1. its Great that Chad and Rena are running such a wonderful mission for the church. Such missions needs support for they help in Reaching New Heights for Christ. I pray that if God blesses him further, He extends his services to Uganda and more preferably western Uganda in the Rwenzori Region, where no single church run project exist . No church medical school, church secondary school, no church University, AND worst of all, No Bible school. Surprisingly such places posses all these above. Nevertheless, the church here has men and women of Sound Doctrine

  2. There is much need in the church for widows orphans and evangelism both here and abroad. I pray for the church world wide whether it has bible class or tent makers or no bible class, because I was baptized in to the Body of Christ and small differences have no place in my prayers. I have noticed a difference in just preaching the Gospel and Baptizing in short trips and yes it says go and Preach the Gospel and Baptizing! The first charge is to preach the Gospel not just baptism, because if we do not teach them how to live and although God’s Grace is freely given you have to do something to do to receive it as with anything that is free. I try to support those that have a support group in place and the supporting congregation oversees it and they track there success of baptisms for 1 year and again at 5 years. Paul spent most of his time in following up and teaching the congregations how to be Christians. James 5:16 or 1st John 1:8-10 are they preached are they practiced or do we make liars out of God. It is possible we believe once saved always saved and that does not leave a necessity for confessing ones sins. God Bless those beautiful feet of those who carry the Gospel. Billie D Cartwright