George Jensen AfricaIRINGA, Tanzania (BNc) — George and Joy Jenson and their children will return to the U.S. after five years in Tanzania. George wrote today about their time in the work there.

Our personal journey as residents in this land of yesteryear is nearly to its end.  This chapter in our missionary journey is closing.  Tears are restrained with effort as I write this piece.  I have repeatedly said that no one can visit Africa and not be touched.  But words cannot convey how intensified the effects are from livingin Africa.  About six years ago, veteran missionary Ed Crookshank told me “Africa gets in your blood.” Well, medications have been able to rid my blood of malaria parasites, but Africa remains there.

To each supporting brother and sister and to each giving congregation we offer our sincerest thanks.  You have been faithfully holding up our hands as we have labored these past five years.  The final pages of this “chapter” have been a distinct blessing.  We have enjoyed the unique opportunity of living here in Iringa and working indigenously.  We have labored shoulder to shoulder with our brethren, striving to implement only what they can continue doing unaided by outsiders.