MUTARE, Zinbabwe (BNc) — There is much hunger in Zimbabwe because of drought and economic melt-down. Drought relief was taken by Loy and Debra Mitchell and Scott Mitchell from Dec. 1-17.

Christians showed great gratitude for the help. At D.C. Matasa, after funds were provided to buy food for the small congregation, an elderly lady stated: “When I heard Americans were coming, I was frightened, not knowing what Americans would do. But your coming is a sign of great love, too big for me to understand. I don’t know what to do with this kind of love, which must be from God.”

The Mitchells stayed in Mutare and went out each day to other towns and villages. They visited 23 congregations, including 3 in Mozambique. They distributed 440 English Bibles and 440 Shona Bibles, 400 Shona song books, 20,000 tracts, six bales of clothing and funds for food.

Loy and Scott preached 29 sermons resulting in 9 baptisms. There was good attendance although December is summer and some were planting their fields in hope of rain. All together they spoke to 5865 individuals.

Scott stated: “Zimbabweans are among the most hospitable, loving, and spiritual people in the world. They have a refreshing hunger for the Word. They travel great distances and make considerable sacrifices to hear the Word taught.”

Loy and Donna Mitchell first went to Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia) in 1958. Alternating time in Zimbabwe with time in the States, they spent a total of 28 years living and working there. They returned to the US in 1997 and Donna passed away in 2002.

In 2004 Loy and Debra Griffin were married. They travel to Zimbabwe each year to encourage the brethren and check on needs of local congregations. Loy has held gospel meetings in many states and in various foreign countries.

Loy and Scott are sons of Owen and Maude Mitchell who had three daughters and seven sons. All of their sons became preachers and three worked overseas in Argentina, Zambia and Zimbabwe.