RAMNAD, India (BNc) — In February of 2009 the foundation was laid for a meeting place in Ramnad within easy walking distance from the railway and bus stations.

foundationramnad1This area of Tamil Nadu was part of the thousand kilometers of coastlands struck by a devastating tsunami on Sunday, Dec. 26, 2004.

After graduating from the Chennai Teacher Training School in 2006, brother A. Jesuraj went to this area to help build houses for tsunami victims and to preach the gospel. Cows and goats were given to flood victims so they would have food and milk.

About 60 Christians now meet in the area. Soon they should have a permanent meeting place with a well and electricity.

Some of the Christians who meet in Ramnad are from Pamban Island beyond the end of a nearby peninsula that extends into the ocean toward Sri Lanka. Until a previous tsunami in 1480 damaged the 48 km Rama Sethu land bridge, of which the peninsula and island are remainders, it was possible to walk from India to Sri Lanka.