METROPOLIS, Ill. (BNC) — Michael J. Shank, author of the popular book Muscle and a Shovel, wrote Aug. 19 on his Facebook page that police recommended he cancel his speaking engagements while they investigate a credible death threat.

The text of his notice is published in full below.

You may or may not know that I received a death threat on Monday afternoon, August 17th. It was a credible threat which is now under police investigation. The police agencies we’re working with, along with my attorney, has recommended that I cancel all pending speaking engagements, due to the engagements being posted on our website and which are public information.

Brethren, I have no concern for myself, for I am ready to meet our Lord, as Paul said that for him to live is Christ and to die is gain! However, I also cannot allow pride, ego, or personal motives to put the lives of others in danger.

While I am saddened, we believe it to be wise to cancel our upcoming speaking events, which are:

  • 9/6: Judsonia, Arkansas
  • 9/20: Mars Hill, Arkansas
  • 10/4: Faith Villiage, Witchita Falls, TX
  • 10/18: Oppelo, Arkansas
  • 10/25: Southside, Grand Rapids, MI
  • 11/15: Sunrise, Parkersburg, WV
  • 11/29: Men’s Retreat, Buford, GA
  • 12/13: Wilberton, Wilburton, OK
  • 1/17/16: Sebring Parkway, Sebring, FL

You and I understand that the Adversary may have won this small battle, the Lord will not allow him to win the war.

Muscle and a Shovel continues to produce converts by the Hand and Grace of God! Over 32,000 conversions to Jesus Christ to date. When Shovels Break has helped over 2,000 souls be restored to the faith and the blood-bought church — glory to God!

Our sincere prayer is that you will continue to use and promote these two humble works so that the work might continue and that we might be sustained.

The entire Shank family prays for your love and understanding during this strange and trying time, and may the Lord continue to bless you and your works for Him there!