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What brotherly love looks like

An Illinois preacher and elder donates a kidney to a brother in Christ.

Texas flood a drop in the bucket, says Ill. evangelist

Evangelist Ron Bartanen recalls what Scripture says about the first great flood and the destruction of the world by fire.

At Illinois State Fair, ‘much good is done’

This long-term work evangelizes in the state with many side benefits.

Death threat leads Michael Shank to cancel events

Expresses concern for the life of others.

Church booth features T-Rex skull model at county fairs

Small congregation makes big splash with fair display.

Church sign offers outsiders a taste of ‘pre-denominational Christianity’

A new church sign sports a unique phrase to capture the interest of outsiders.

Mac Deaver debates on nature of man

by Weylan Deaver CHICAGO, Ill. (BNc) — Next week Mac Deaver debates a Baptist opponent on Calvinist doctrines. A public debate will take place Apr. 27-30 in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg between brother Mac Deaver and Matthew Black of… Continue Reading →

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