Pray for Christians in difficult places

WORLD, Someplace (BNc) -- Much is being done to the glory of God that cannot be reported. We regularly receive information about wonderful examples of dedication and the spread of the gospel in places where it is illegal to be a Christian or where there is persecution. We refrain from publishing these stories because to … Continue reading Pray for Christians in difficult places

Uzbekistan Christians under attack

Editor's Note: This report was received from Vladimir and Muza Vakhrushev, missionaries to Russia. TASHKENT, Uzbekistan (BNc) -- In March of 2009, Russian authorities cracked down on a church in Smolinsk that was teaching the Bible to children.  We prayed fervently for that situation, and God heard our prayers and reversed that decision on appeal. … Continue reading Uzbekistan Christians under attack

Family rejects new convert

by Greg Hamlin, Director, International Bible Institute of Siem Reap, Cambodia We baptized another young lady today, Sopen. When she started coming to worship, her family objected then they locked her in her room to prevent her from coming. She still never missed. Finally, she climbed thru a window and left home. She came to … Continue reading Family rejects new convert

New Christian slapped as first test of conversion

by Joseph McKinney, Jr. JOAO PESSOA, Brazil (BNc) -- When Fernanda said that she wanted to be baptized, we held our breath because, in these nine months, we had come to know this young lady to be hard-headed, strong-willed, explosive, fiercely contentious. She never measured her words or tone of voice when provoked by a … Continue reading New Christian slapped as first test of conversion