MARION, Ark. (BNc)- The daughter of an Arkansas minister was critically injured Saturday when an SUV rammed the store where she was shopping.

Michael R. Hughes, minister with the Marion, Ark., church of Christ, gave details of the accident and his daughter Patsy’s condition in an email March 1st.

“Our younger daughter, Patsy, age 15, was seriously injured in an auto accident early this morning. She, a friend and the friend’s mother had gone to Memphis for shopping. While in the store, a driver suffering from a medical condition rammed his SUV into the store at high speed. Five people were injured, three critically. Two of the critical have been upgraded. The remaining critical patient, our daughter Patsy, remains in trauma intensive care at the Med in Memphis. She had been trapped under the vehicle.

“She sustained serious internal injuries. At first, we were told her situation did not look promising. However, with prayer, surgery and the support of many friends and loved ones, they now report that they think she is beyond a life-threatening situation. But she is still critical at this point, as she recovers from repairs to several vital organs.

“She did also have some limited bone damage, which they do not seem much concerned about.

“Late tonight [Saturday], they were able to successfully remove her from the ventilator. She is now conscious again and does recognize us and tries to communicate with us.”

Michael requested prayers for Patsy and for their family.