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Alabama storm relief efforts continue

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., (BNc) — The churches in the Birmingham, Ala., area have been using Facebook to help tornado victims.

Communicating together via a group called The Church Connection, they have been able to help with specific needs for tornado victims. They have also promoted their desire to help through the Pleasant Grove tornado Facebook group and the Concord tornado group. Read more

Vilonia church of Christ Disaster Relief

Editor’s Note: The following is from a special website set up by the Vilonia church of Christ about their relief efforts.

by Marty Knight

VILONIA, Ark., (BNc) — Another day has drawn to a close and we were blessed with good weather in which to work. Let me begin by thanking the volunteers who poured in from ALL over the state of Arkansas. I won’t even begin to attempt to mention everyone for fear of leaving out some names. Suffice to say that churches of Christ from as far away as 200 miles were here early this morning and worked until they were ready to drop. The number of volunteers jumped significantly now that we have reached the weekend and that was expected. But, it was still overwhelming to see how much people care. THANKS!!! Read more

Spreading the good news with a bucket

by Barbara A. Oliver, managing editor

IVANO-FRANKIVSK, Ukraine (BNc) – One congregation does its benevolent work by the bucketful.

The Judsonia, Ark., church, together with other congregations, is involved in benevolent aid to Sudan, Ukraine, Nigeria, India, Honduras and a number of other nations. With the shipments of aid, they include “family buckets,” five-gallon plastic buckets filled with a variety of household items.

The brainchild of Kathy Cadden in Columbus, MS., the buckets are contributed by numerous congregations in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky and Missouri.

“These have really been an excellent way of getting urgently needed commodities to those in great need,” said John Kachelman, Jr., preacher with the Judsonia congregation. Read more

Interim preacher closes gaps in church needs

by Jerrie Barber

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) — A preacher’s departure from a church, especially after an extended tenure there, creates stress. While most congregations face this event with Christian maturity and love, even the most stable find this time difficult, and some find it a time of crisis.

Since we completed our stay in Hendersonville December 30, 2009, I am available to work with another congregation as an interim preacher.

An intentional interim preacher can be helpful if a congregation finds itself in one or more of the following situations: Read more