Elba, Alabama Church Singing Unique

by Glenda Williams, BNc Correspondent ELBA, Ala (BNc) -- The Elba Church of Christ hosted their bi-annual acappella singing Friday evening, January 31, 2014. The singing is held the last Friday evening in January and in July. Men from different congregations led songs throughout the 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. allotted time. Phillip Box serves as minister … Continue reading Elba, Alabama Church Singing Unique

Amridge University Graduation held June 8, 2013

MONTGOMERY, Ala (BNc) -- Raymond Elliott, well-known and loved gospel preacher, reports attending a most impressive Amridge University graduation, June 8, 2013. The impressive Amridge Graduation Ceremony was held in the Davis Theater, downtown Montgomery, Alabama.  Five graduates received AA Degrees; 70 graduates received BS/BA degrees; 72 graduates received MS/MA Degrees; and 11  graduates received … Continue reading Amridge University Graduation held June 8, 2013

Alabama storm relief efforts continue

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., (BNc) -- The churches in the Birmingham, Ala., area have been using Facebook to help tornado victims. Communicating together via a group called The Church Connection, they have been able to help with specific needs for tornado victims. They have also promoted their desire to help through the Pleasant Grove tornado Facebook group … Continue reading Alabama storm relief efforts continue

Vilonia church of Christ Disaster Relief

Editor's Note: The following is from a special website set up by the Vilonia church of Christ about their relief efforts. by Marty Knight VILONIA, Ark., (BNc) -- Another day has drawn to a close and we were blessed with good weather in which to work. Let me begin by thanking the volunteers who poured … Continue reading Vilonia church of Christ Disaster Relief

Spreading the good news with a bucket

by Barbara A. Oliver, managing editor IVANO-FRANKIVSK, Ukraine (BNc) -- One congregation does its benevolent work by the bucketful. The Judsonia, Ark., church, together with other congregations, is involved in benevolent aid to Sudan, Ukraine, Nigeria, India, Honduras and a number of other nations. With the shipments of aid, they include "family buckets," five-gallon plastic … Continue reading Spreading the good news with a bucket

Interim preacher closes gaps in church needs

by Jerrie Barber NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) -- A preacher's departure from a church, especially after an extended tenure there, creates stress. While most congregations face this event with Christian maturity and love, even the most stable find this time difficult, and some find it a time of crisis. Since we completed our stay in Hendersonville … Continue reading Interim preacher closes gaps in church needs

Dutch family seminar gathers 52

by Roy Davison, BNc Correspondent EINDHOVEN, Holland (BNc)- A Christian family seminar gathered participants from three countries last month. From Holland, Belgium and Germany came 52 brethren Oct. 17-19 for a seminar on the family, hosted by the Eindhoven church and taught by Steven D. Minor from the North McArthur congregation in Oklahoma City, Okla. … Continue reading Dutch family seminar gathers 52

Missionary Don Waggoner dies

by Steve Waller, former missionary to Indonesia, Florence, Ala. MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (BNc)- Donald R. (Don) Waggoner who did much pioneer work as a gospel preacher andmissionary in Indonesia passed away Sunday afternoon, Nov. 2, in a local hospital. He had been plagued by numerous health problems for some time. He was 74. My wife … Continue reading Missionary Don Waggoner dies

Columbia hosts preacher’s retreat

by Jody Apple COLUMBIA Tenn. (BNc)- The 11th annual Columbia Bible Institute's Preachers Retreat will be held Nov. 3-6. This excellent retreat is hosted by the Graymere church and conducted by Tom Holland and William Woodson. It is always time well spent. Registration is limited to 50 participants, and slots are still available. If you … Continue reading Columbia hosts preacher’s retreat

No charges brought against errant driver

ST PETERSBURG, Fla. (BNc)- The state attorney's office 'precluded' any charges against the driver of the van who allegedly killed Heather Whalley and seriously injured her husband Apr. 10. A St. Pete Beach resident queried Mayor Michael Finnerty Sept. 10 at a city commission meeting, according to a commentary yesterday by June Maxam in the … Continue reading No charges brought against errant driver

Mary Winkler Given Permanent Custody of Daughters

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. (BNc)- Two years after the 2006 death of her husband Matthew, Mary Winkler was today awarded permanent custody of her three daughters. Mary was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for shooting her husband in the back with a shotgun as he lay in their bed. The Associated Press reported the court decision earlier today. … Continue reading Mary Winkler Given Permanent Custody of Daughters

Purcellville concludes gospel meeting

by Laura S. Tinnel PURCELLVILLE, Va. (BNc)- The Purcellville congregation concluded its 2008 fall gospel meeting series, "Sin and Redemption." The meeting took place Sept. 7-10 at the congregation's temporary meeting facility at 201 N. Maple Street in downtown Purcellville. Six lessons were given to the congregation. One baptism resulted from the meeting. The Purcellville … Continue reading Purcellville concludes gospel meeting

Find and serve a refugee

Philippine minister urges Americans to minister to refugees scattered all across the U.S. by Salvador Cariaga Over the last ten years, whenever we are in the U.S., I oftentimes volunteer at Neighborhood Needs at Altamesa. My sons have seen their share of the place growing up. Peter and Luke know the drill well, and the … Continue reading Find and serve a refugee

Lubbock Lectureship theme announced

LUBBOCK, Tex. (BNc)- The Southside church has announced the theme of the eleventh Lubbock Lectureship, "The Law of Christ," slated for Oct. 12-16, said event director Tommy J. Hicks. The Sunday-Thursday event will host 35 speakers, including Allen Webster, editor of House to House, Heart to Heart, Gerald Watkins, webmaster of PreachersFiles.com, and Rick Brumback, … Continue reading Lubbock Lectureship theme announced

Lewisville enjoys Sound Doctrine and Practice Workshop

 by Don Petty LEWISVILLE, Tex. (BNc)- This past weekend, Aug. 8-10, the Lewisville church hosted a successful workshop on Sound Doctrine and Practice. Nine excellent speakers delivered fundamental sound-doctrine lectures on a variety of topics addressing the needs of every Christian in the brotherhood. Friday night over 300 attendees heard Jeff Jenkins kick off the … Continue reading Lewisville enjoys Sound Doctrine and Practice Workshop

Mo. church hosts Preachers Files Lectures

by David Hersey The Granby, Mo., congregation hosted the third annual Preacher's Files Lectures July 25-27. This year's topic was "God vs. the World", focusing on the influences of the world upon all aspects of the Christian life. Sixteen preachers from both the local area and from around the world presented lessons on how to … Continue reading Mo. church hosts Preachers Files Lectures

Southside church holds drive-thru food giveaway

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (BNc)- The Southside congregation sponsored a drive-thru food giveaway at their building Friday morning, Aug. 8. More than 350 families were benefited, according to deacon Delbert Madison. Food was distributed between 8:30-10:30 a.m. After the giveaway was concluded, a dozen cars still waited in line for food. The giveaway is done every other … Continue reading Southside church holds drive-thru food giveaway