No charges brought against errant driver

ST PETERSBURG, Fla. (BNc)- The state attorney’s office ‘precluded’ any charges against the driver of the van who allegedly killed Heather Whalley and seriously injured her husband Apr. 10.

A St. Pete Beach resident queried Mayor Michael Finnerty Sept. 10 at a city commission meeting, according to a commentary yesterday by June Maxam in the North Country Gazette.

Finnerty said that he had spoken with St. Pete Beach police chief David Romine, who wanted to file charges against the driver Aaron Rimar, but was precluded from doing so by the Pinellas-Pasco state attorney’s office of Bernie McCabe.

Heather and her husband Seth were walking on a city sidewalk when Rimar’s van allegedly jumped the curb and struck the North Carolina couple, who were visiting relatives.

Heather died from her injuries two days later.

In the public-access portion of her commentary, Maxam began by questioning if the mayor would ask Florida Governor Charlie Crist to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the fatal crash.

The family belong to the Lake Norman congregation in Charlotte, N.C. Heather’s obituary was posted on BNc.

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