BIRMINGHAM, Ala., (BNc) — The churches in the Birmingham, Ala., area have been using Facebook to help tornado victims.

Communicating together via a group called The Church Connection, they have been able to help with specific needs for tornado victims. They have also promoted their desire to help through the Pleasant Grove tornado Facebook group and the Concord tornado group.

The Sylvan Springs church has been helping with food, appliances, and bedding, made possible by the generosity of people and sister congregations across the nation. Money has been sent from congregations and families in Michigan, California, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and more.

The West Concord congregation has been helping with clothing, baby items, and bedding. The Sandusky church has been assisting with cleanup work in Pratt City.

Congregations from Tennessee have come to Alabama to help with the relief efforts, and local congregations have been working together at the Sylvan Springs building. The Churches of Christ disaster relief, along with some local congregations, responded quickly to help with grocery needs. Currently, the Sylvan Springs church has been serving the communities on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The Facebook groups have updates of the work that has been done for other areas hit by tornadoes in the Alabama area, such as Hackelburg and Tuscaloosa.