Editor’s Note: The following is from a special website set up by the Vilonia church of Christ about their relief efforts.

by Marty Knight

VILONIA, Ark., (BNc) — Another day has drawn to a close and we were blessed with good weather in which to work. Let me begin by thanking the volunteers who poured in from ALL over the state of Arkansas. I won’t even begin to attempt to mention everyone for fear of leaving out some names. Suffice to say that churches of Christ from as far away as 200 miles were here early this morning and worked until they were ready to drop. The number of volunteers jumped significantly now that we have reached the weekend and that was expected. But, it was still overwhelming to see how much people care. THANKS!!!

I made a run to Levy late this morning to pick up more supplies. One of the Levy elders, Stan Peebles, accompanied me back to Vilonia. Crews worked most of the day finding storm survivors who needed supplies. Continued thanks to Levy and Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, Inc. of Nashville, Tenn.

The Pleasant Valley Singles cooked over 600 hamburgers and many, many hot dogs (we lost count). I can’t imagine what this week would have been like without them. The logistics of keeping all of our workers – and many, many others – fed is an enormous task. They run like a well-oiled machine!

We will pause tomorrow and gather for a much-needed period of worship to God. The Vilonia church will only have one service, beginning at 10:00 a.m. We have used the term “family time” to describe this particular service. If you can join us at VCC, please do so. The roadblocks have been taken down and you should have no problem accessing the building at 893 Main Street. For those coming from Conway, we are located on the north (left) side of Highway 64 at the west city limits. Please come and share in a special time or worship and prayer.

Some work will be done tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting. The Ministry Center will be open, rain or shine.

The photo, taken by Linda Hicks, was on the front page of the Log Cabin Democrat yesterday (Friday, April 29). Thanks to all of you who make those relief supplies available so that the Lord’s work can be done!