by Laura S. Tinnel

PURCELLVILLE, Va. (BNc)- The Purcellville congregation concluded its 2008 fall gospel meeting series, “Sin and Redemption.”

The meeting took place Sept. 7-10 at the congregation’s temporary meeting facility at 201 N. Maple Street in downtown Purcellville. Six lessons were given to the congregation.

One baptism resulted from the meeting.

The Purcellville congregation is publishing the lessons in both audio and video form on its website as part of its growing online sermon library.

The library contains lessons from past speakers such as Tom Bright, Jerry Brewer, Kent Bailey, Bobby Thomas, Glenn Colley and Stan Crowley, as well as lessons by Purcellville minister Lance Grimsley and other men of the congregation.

Purcellville is located 52 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., near the West Virginia border, in an area considered to be a mission field.

Few of the congregation live in Purcellville, with some traveling 45-60 minutes to attend.

The congregation presently consists of about 65 people, many of which are young children and teens.

The congregation has both elders and deacons and is currently building a 6100 square foot meeting place in the city.

For further information, visit the congregation’s website.

UPDATE: The report was modified by request of the author. 2010/March/30