Fire destroys evangelist’s home, family escapes with clothes on back

Fire destroys evangelist's home

Remains of gutted home

MITO, Japan (BNc) — The house of Yoshiya Noguchi, evangelist with the Ochanomizu church in Tokyo, was destroyed by fire Sunday morning, Nov. 4.

Yoshiya, his wife Emiko, their children Hannah (8) and Aito (6), and Emiko’s mother escaped with only the clothes they had on. Everything else was destroyed.

One report said that Yoshiya’s brothers searched among the remains, looking especially for a car key. They found half-burnt passports and driver’s licenses, but no car key.

Emiko tried to re-enter the house to get something and got a minor injury to her throat due to smoke inhalation.  She was hospitalized briefly. Continue reading

Brad Harrub: Show love to driver in accidental death of Tate Williams

(BNc) by Brad Harrub — Sam Pace and I solicit your help with a special project. We ask all New Testament Christians to begin praying for Jodie Belknap. We also ask that you take an extra step and reach out to her with cards, Facebook messages, and emails of encouragement.

Jodie was the driver of the car that plowed into Sam Pace and Tate Williams. Jodie and another young lady were on their way to a Baptist church. They saw a spider in the car and were desperate to squash it. In doing so they crossed over the line and hit Sam and Tate’s car head-on.

Sam and Jodie went to elementary school together. Continue reading

Two youths injured enroute to preaching appointment

AVINGER, Tex. (BNc) — Two young men on their way to preach were injured in an auto accident in Texas yesterday.

Tate Williams, 18, was enroute, with Sam Pace, to preach in a gospel meeting at Mims Chapel church in Avinger, when a car over-corrected and hit them head on, according to reports.

Sam received minor injuries and was released from the hospital.

Tate had to be cut out of the car. He had two broken femurs and pelvis. He was airlifted to Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview. Continue reading

Christian pilot reflects on Rio helicopter crash

TAUBATÉ, Brazil (BNc) — The helicopter had left with its crew from the Army base in the city of Taubate, in Sao Paulo state. It was flying Thursday, Jan. 20, over three neighborhoods in the city of Nova Friburgo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Over 700 people died in the region because of rains and mudslides earlier in the week.

Two military personnel and three civilians were aboard the aircraft.

The pilot was Ricardo Santos, a brother in Christ who participates with his family in the congregation in Taubaté. Continue reading

William Woodson injured in India

by Barbara A. Oliver, managing editor

ANDHRA PRADESH, India (BNc) — William Woodson, while on a mission trip to India, collapsed Monday due to dehydration and hit his head on a table as he fell. He was carried to the hospital where he received stitches for his wound.

His wife called the Pulaski Street church in Lawrenceburg, Tenn., and reported that Woodson was to remain in the hospital overnight for observation.

David Pinckley, treasurer for the Pulaski Street congregation, told BNc that Woodson was doing fine.

Woodson is  a retired Bible professor from Lawrenceburg, Tenn., and author.

Editor’s Note: David Pinckley received a phone call Feb. 24, from Jeanne Woodson about William. He is weak from dehydration and will remain in the hotel where they are staying today to try and regain his strength. He sustained about three pretty severe cuts on his head and face when he fell and has a black eye.

Man dies after stepping in front of Christian’s car

SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS, Brazil (BNc) – A Christian man remains shaken tonight after fatally hitting a pedestrian who stepped in front of his car.

A sister in Christ, Socorro, called J. Randal Matheny this morning and said her husband Paulo Silva had hit a person in his car this morning about 6:30 a.m., on his way to work, resulting in the person’s death.

The person stepped out in front of his car, and he was unable to swerve away.

Paulo went to the police station, with members of the deceased’s family. There were witnesses, but they did not stay at the scene of the accident. Continue reading

Update on the Martin family after fatal car crash

by Barbara A. Oliver, managing editor

MEEKER, Colo. (BNc) — The progress of the Paul Martin family can be followed at The Martin Box. The family asks that you continue to keep them in your prayers.

Instead of flowers for their son, Stone, a fund has been set up at:

  • First National Bank of the Rockies, P.O. Box 600, Meeker, CO 81641
  • Memphis School of Preaching, 3950 Forest Hill-Irene Rd., Memphis, TN 38125

Cards can be sent to the family at P.O. Box 125, Meeker, CO 81641.

Martin family involved in auto accident

by Greg Howell, elder, Cordova, Tenn., church

MEEKER, Colo. (BNc) —
Vanessa Martin and her children, Stone and Alana, were involved in a very serious car accident Tuesday morning, Jan. 19, in Meeker, Colo.

Vanessa is the daughter-in-law of Cordova church minister Jerry Martin. Paul and Vanessa Martin work with the Meeker church, a small mission congregation in central Colorado.

Stone was airlifted to Grand Junction with his father Paul by his side. Ten-year-old Stone passed away Wednesday morning, Jan. 20. Continue reading

Child killed, mother seriously injured in Thanksgiving accident

by E. Dean Kelly, Minister, Highland Home, Ala., church

briankristygrayATLANTA, Ga. (BNc) – Sometimes I need to write something, yet it seems that the words to write fail me. What is the best way to put what I am feeling into words? Sometimes the frailty of our existence in this life is overwhelmingly clear. Sometimes we are clearly reminded that there are no promises for tomorrow. Sometimes our hearts are simply torn within on someone else’s behalf. I feel those things now.

Brian and Kristy Gray had been in Prattville, Ala., a city in the Montgomery Metro area, where they had been visiting for Thanksgiving break, and were returning to their home near Atlanta, Ga. They never made it on this particular day.

The Grays were injured in an accident, Kristy critically. The little one, Helen, as Paul Harvey used to say, is now forever three. Continue reading