(BNc) by Brad Harrub — Sam Pace and I solicit your help with a special project. We ask all New Testament Christians to begin praying for Jodie Belknap. We also ask that you take an extra step and reach out to her with cards, Facebook messages, and emails of encouragement.

Jodie was the driver of the car that plowed into Sam Pace and Tate Williams. Jodie and another young lady were on their way to a Baptist church. They saw a spider in the car and were desperate to squash it. In doing so they crossed over the line and hit Sam and Tate’s car head-on.

Sam and Jodie went to elementary school together. But Jodie is having a very hard time, struggling with the knowledge that Tate did not survive the injuries he sustained from the wreck. Sam and I thought it would be great to flood her with N.T. Christian love.

Let’s show her the same support. There was a tremendous outpouring of prayer and support on Facebook for Tate and Sam following their wreck. We’re asking everyone who prayed for Tate and Sam to now pray for Jodie.

We are trying to get her email and physical address so that Christians can send her cards and letters of encouragement. Please flood her with notes, letting her know that you are friends of Sam and Tate and maybe add the name of your congregation. We would ask that congregations consider adding this young lady to church bulletins so that all the members can send a card or email her.

Sam and I (and others) will post physical addresses etc., as they become available. Please pass this information along to others. Repost and share. Help us get the word out. We thank you in advance for making a difference, and demonstrating a Christian attitude toward Jodie.

Jodie Belknap
15089 FM 729
Avinger, TX 75630-8459

Brad talked with Jodie and apparently has her permission to publish her address, which we reproduce here.