AVINGER, Tex. (BNc) — Two young men on their way to preach were injured in an auto accident in Texas yesterday.

Tate Williams, 18, was enroute, with Sam Pace, to preach in a gospel meeting at Mims Chapel church in Avinger, when a car over-corrected and hit them head on, according to reports.

Sam received minor injuries and was released from the hospital.

Tate had to be cut out of the car. He had two broken femurs and pelvis. He was airlifted to Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview.

Last night he suffered a seizure, and this morning his lungs failed to get enough oxygen.

Tate is now in critical condition, in a drug-induced coma.

“Tate is an outstanding gospel preacher. His future service for the Lord is bright, and when I talked to the Lord about Tate this morning, I told the Lord that we need him—and we do!” Neil Richey, preacher with the Piedmont Road church in Marietta, Ga., said.

Tate and his family work and worship in Bremen, Ga.

Friends called the church to pray for these two youths.

This accident follows another Oct. 7, when Major Sanders, a freshman Faulkner student, fell asleep while driving to a preaching appointment. He died in the accident.

UPDATE, Oct. 23, It’s being reported that Tate has died, but we only have this earlier from Tate’s mom: “Tests have shown that our sweet Tate no longer has brain activity. They will do two more tests to confirm that Tate has indeed gone on to his reward. Thank you so much for your prayers, care and concern for us. Gary I ask that you all please remember Sam Pace ( Tate’s dear friend who was driving) Sam is devastated, he loved Tate so much. Sam is also a fine young Gospel preacher & will need special prayers and comfort in the days to come.”

UPDATE2, Oct. 24. Chad Dollahite, preacher of the Bremen, Ga., church wrote: “All tests confirmed no brain activity, so we know he’s gone home now.  The family’s on their way home today, so there’s no question that it’s official.”

Watch Tate’s video devotional on BNc.