Preacher’s Files Lectures Go to Missouri

Travis MainST. JOSEPH, Mo. (BNc)- The third annual Preacher’s Files Lectureship goes to St. Joseph, Mo., July 25-27, to study the theme “God vs. the World,” announced organizer Travis Main yesterday.

The members of the Preacher’s Files Bible Study Forum attend the annual event, open to the public. It provides fellowship and study opportunities for participants.

Different congregations host the lectures each year, with a forum member organizing the program.

The following speakers and topics have been scheduled:

  • Dwayne White – God Vs. The World on “the Pattern for the Home”
  • Tim Hester – God Vs. The World on “Liberty”
  • Joe May – God Vs. The World on “Evangelism/WWJD”
  • D’Angelo Joyce – God Vs. The World on “wisdom”
  • Kevin Cauley – God Vs. The World on “The value of life”
  • G.E. Watkins – God Vs. The World on “The True Church”
  • David Hersey – God Vs. The World on “The Nature of the Church”
  • Keith Collier – God Vs. The World on “Remaining Faithful”
  • Travis Main – God Vs. The World on “Retaining our Youth”
  • Dick Sztanyo – God Vs. The World on “Ethics”

The ladies’ classes scheduled so far include:

  • Amy Hester – God Vs. The World on Beauty
  • April Main – God Vs. The world on Success

Kansas City International Airport (KCI) is within 45 minutes of St. Joseph.

The lectureship is being sponsored by the eldership at the East Hills church.

As the schedule expands and the date approaches, Travis said he would send out further updates.

“We are greatly looking forward to the presence of all who can make it for this great time of study, singing, fellowship, and reunion,” he wrote.

Travis may be contacted at for more information. He provided links to the city of St. Joseph and a list of hotels.

The Preacher’s Files website gathers articles, biblical studies and outlines, as well as hosts an active study forum and personal weblogs for members.

The first lectureship was held in Berryville, Ark., the second, in Pelham, Ala. The lectures were recorded by forum member David Hersey and are available on the Preacher’s Files site.

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