OZARK, MO (BNC) — Four years after her passing, an internet Bible teacher’s example inspired her great niece to become a teacher of the Bible in English. Amber Harrison, of the Omaha, Ark., congregation, recently joined World English Institute as a teacher. She emailed WEI coordinator Jan Towell about why she signed on.

I live in Missouri and have never heard anyone in my area talk about it. I was born in California, and that’s where most of my family still is, but I grew up hearing my mom talk about Aunt Jan and how much she admired her always doing the work of the Lord.

New WEI teacher Amber Harrison

Aunt Jan passed away in 2014, but my mother was telling me the other day that she was involved in teaching English to people using the Bible as a textbook. I thought that was a really neat idea and started looking to see if it still existed and if I could be any help and that’s when I found WEI.

I don’t know how long my great aunt worked with you, or if it was even the same work (although you’re the only ones I found). Her name was Janice Kramar and I think it’s inspiring that even though she passed away four years ago, her good works still live on through people she never even met while on this earth. We all reach people we might not even know through the works that we do for God.

As it turns out, Amber’s aunt did work with WEI.

“We were very glad Amber did share this, because indeed we do remember Jan Kramar,” Jan Towell said. “We first met her at a Harding University lectureship. She and her husband had been missionaries in Peru; then she and another widow were a team with Sojourners. She taught WEI Internet students from 2007 and died in 2014. We watched a video of her funeral.”

“Wouldn’t Jan be thrilled that her legacy lives on!” Jan Towell wrote.

Faithful saints can find out how to become teachers of the WEI at this link.