‘Betty’s Bouts and Battles’: autobiography of Canadian missionary to Germany now online

Betty Roemer

Betty Roemer

(BNc) — The autobiography of Betty Roemer has been published on the Old Paths Archive website, according to an email sent today by missionary and webmaster Roy Davison.

Roemer, a Canadian, spent 26 years teaching ladies and children in Germany and Austria, and then spent 26 more years doing the same with the Bayview congregation in Toronto.

Read this inspiring story of dedication, and share it with others.

The Old Paths Archive has published various biographies online, especially of missionaries in churches of Christ.

“These can be inspiring for young people,” Roy wrote.

“I would suggest that Bible class teachers take part of their class time to read excerpts from these stories,” he said.

The Old Paths Archive® electronic library is a depository of religious articles, sermons, poems, books and theses by members of churches of Christ.

Roy, who has been preaching in Flanders, Belgium, since 1965, created the site, which is visited by millions annually.

Michael Hildreth family to work in Philippines

Michael Hildreth

Michael Hildreth family

(BNc) — Michael Hildreth departs today with his family for a four-year mission effort in Tarlac City, Philippines.

According to the Biblical Notes website, for which he is a staff writer, Michael is a native of San Diego, Calif., and was baptized there in 2000.

In 2006 he decided to dedicate his life to preaching the gospel and to the growth of the Lord’s church. He is a graduate of the Philippine Bible College (2008) and the Brown Trail School of Preaching (2010), in Bedford, Tex. Continue reading

Howard Norton remembers fellow Brazil coworker Leon Tester

Leon Tester

Leon Tester

EDMOND, Okla. (BNc) by Howard Norton — Leon E. Tester, one of the two oldest members of the 1961 Sao Paulo Mission Team, died Nov. 8. He was 90 years old. Jerry Campbell, a fellow team member, preached his funeral in Edmond, assisted by Kent Risley and Leon’s two sons, Claude and Jon, and their wives.

Leon was a career Navy man with some fourteen years of service. After his conversion to Jesus Christ, he became a conscientious objector and left the Navy. Desiring to prepare himself for the ministry, he enrolled at Abilene Christian University and graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree that emphasized Religious Education, Bible, and journalism. Continue reading

Joe Cannon dies, served ‘the most unloved people I could find’

Missionary Joe Cannon

Joe and Betty Cannon, May 2011

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (BNc) — Joseph L. Cannon, former missionary to Japan, Papua New Guinea, and the Ukraine, died early Thursday morning, Oct. 25.

He had devoted more than 60 years of his life to missions, celebrating his twenty-first birthday on the ship to Japan.

He was living in Memphis with his second wife at the time of his death. He had been honored May, 2011, by the Highland church for their many years of service. Continue reading

Jerrel Rowden dies at 77

by Doyle Kee

MCKINNEY, Tex. (BNc) - Long-time missionary and worker for French mission, Jerrel Rowden, passed away Nov. 24, at the age of 77. Jerrel is survived by his wife, Christiane, and two sons.

It is difficult to recount all the contributions that Jerrel and Christiane made to missions in the French-speaking world. Besides working with churches in Reims, France, and Québec City, Canada, they established a printing ministry which served the French-speaking world for over forty years. Continue reading

50-year Brazil missionary Glenn Looper dies

SANTA RITA DO PASSA QUATRO, Brazil (BNc) – Missionary John Pennisi just reported that missionary Glenn Looper died today, May 12.

I just received a phone call from Nélio Ferreira that Glenn passed away this afternoon. The cause of death is unknown at the moment. He went with Cida to the grocery store and began feeling bad. She took him to the hospital, and he suddenly passed away there. There will be an autopsy. Let’s all pray for Cida  She was a wonderful wife fully dedicated to Glenn and the Lord. Continue reading

Edmond OK minister Don Vinzant passes – updated

Edmond minister Don VinzantEDMOND, Okla. (BNc) — A little before 1:00 a.m. on Thursday, Mar. 9, Edmond minister and former Brazil missionary Don Vinzant passed peacefully from this life, according to family minister Randy Roper, writing on the congregational email list.

“He was surrounded by the songs and prayers of his beloved family and engulfed in the love and concern of a multitude of friends,” Randy noted.

“He is now home free; no more pain or disease. He is resting in the arms of Jesus and reuniting with many loved ones who have gone before him.  We were so blessed to have him as our Daddy and we love to hear how he blessed your lives. We are overwhelmed by the gestures of love shown by all of you,” Don’s son Gene wrote on the CaringBridge website. Continue reading